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Suomen Energianeuvonta Oyj

Suomen Energianeuvonta Oyj, which is independent of power companies, provides information technology services focused on the electricity market. We operate throughout Finland and are headquartered in Alavieska. Our other locations are in Helsinki.

Our email addresses are in the format

Keskustie 7, 85200
Hollantilaisentie 36 A 10, 00330


Tanja Sotka kuva

Tanja Sotka

Chief Operating Officer 045 274 4184

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Ville Knaapila kuva

Ville Knaapila

Major customers, EnergiaGuru® M & L 046 8500 856

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Tiina Kasvi kuva

Tiina Kasvi

Customer service, EnergiaGuru® S

Riku Isotalus

Chief Analyst 050 302 4986

Soile Niskala

Key Account Manager 050 543 1070

Jarkko Lahti

Chairman of the Board 040 747 3191

Henna Ahoranta

IT development and support services 044 238 1571